No Man’s Land, 1919-20 by Yorkshire artist Charles Sergeant Jagger, Wakefield Permanent Art Collection.

Art History at the Hepworth, INTRODUCTION TO ART HISTORY: ART AND WAR Weds 26 Nov 6.30 – 9pm

Explore theories of the art object, its function, meaning and value, and discuss artist’s depictions of technology, war and historical moments in the current exhibition Conflicts and Collisions: New Contemporary Sculpture.

During this workshop we will discuss how WW1 radically changed the nature of war and how we and artists respond to it. We will explore how the role of the artist in the 21st Century involves critiquing man’s relation to conflict and technology, and how man’s relation may differ from woman’s… or may not.

Themes to be explored: Historical and contemporary conflict; Man versus machine – our relationship to technology; Ubiquity of images of casualties of war – ‘war porn’; Handmade, hand-finished objects vs digital technologies, 3D printing; The role of the artist in the art work and its production, and male vs female.

This workshop is open to anyone interested in looking at the contexts around artworks; why artists make, how they make and what meanings their work gains in its social, philosophical and political ambience. On booking you will be provided with a few key texts to become familair with before the session – please read at least some of these. We advise that you wear comfortable shoes as we will be moving round the galleries to have discussions infront of particular artworks. Folding chairs will be available for use throughtout the workshop.

About the artist leading the session, Fiona Fitzgerald:

‘I am a ceramicist and Art Historian. My ceramics are informed by my thinking as an Historian; this interplay of the making and the theoretical thinking about the making is what this workshop is about’


For more information or to book your place please contact the Learning Team on 01924 247398 or email