Tues OCT 2nd 10.30 am

“Why are there no great women artists?”
(Linda Nochlin 1971)

Fiona will focus on the artists Frida Kahlo, Gwen John, Barbara Hepworth and Penny Slinger in order to explore how 20th century women have represented themselves and questioned conventions around female identity.

Connects to Visible Women, at Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery

Tues 20 th NOV 10 30 am

The Bauhaus and Democratic Art

Fiona will examine the radical achievements of The Bauhaus, an Art School set up in Germany in 1919 that changed attitudes throughout the world to Art, Design and Artistic Identity. She will explore the role of women within this revolutionary institution and whether this led to ‘true’ equality.

Connecting to the Tate Modern exhibition, ANNI ALBERS

Tues 11 th DEC 10.30 am
‘The Geometry of Fear’; Post-war British sculpture

Suffolk born Elizabeth Frink took on the male world of sculpture and made her mark as one of Britain’s great post-war artists. Fiona will investigate ways in which Frink and other artists found intense and moving ways to respond to the complexities of war and ‘the banality of evil’.

Links to Elizabeth Frink, Human and Other Animals, at the Sainsbury Centre, Norwich

Anni Albers, Textile 1926/7

Elizabeth Drink with some of her work

Portrait of Nochlin by Neel

Autumn Talks

Fiona is giving a set of 4 talks around current exhibiitions with an East Anglian focus and a leaning towards the role women artists have played .They will be held at both Anteros and at The Cut.