Spring Talks at Anteros, Norwich

Here are the dates and themes of my talks for the Spring for you to add to your diary.
I hope to see you at the talks which will as usual take place at Anteros on Saturdays at 11 am and will cost £5.

Blake, the great imaginative, boundless thinker, is the artist poet who will start the year for us. I hope that through the talk our horizons will be stretched in a good way to embrace the new decade. My talk on him is on 11th January.

Then a bit of a time lapse til 22th February when I will come back to some of the concerns around Collage, that all important medium that so defines the 20 th Century. The talk on the Independent Group and Henderson and Paolozzi raised the topic just before Christmas.

On 28th March I will again pick up on material from last year when I look at the 1890s in Britain and the myth making around sexuality that I spoke of with Burne-Jones.

And finally on 18th April I will look at Art Deco, as a complimentary talk to the one on the Bauhaus last year.