It always starts with the sheet of clay

Oxford mud, from Sandy Lane Farm, sunbaked

At last we are on. come and see us at Anteros and if possible we ll be there in person if you contact us first

Fiona Fitzgerald, Burnt Earth Ceramics

The exhibition will be physically available for viewing at Anteros, Norwich during the mid tw o weeks of October, 2021. Pease note that for reasons beyond our control the show will be closed from 1.30 pm on Saturday 16 th October. It will in addition be open on the following Monday.

I will be available Monday, also Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons for conversation around the ceramics at Anteros if you book me on 07786808516.

Burnt Earth Ceramics pays homage to the creative interface between material and colour. The ceramics are made from terracotta and revealed as Burnt Sienna. The properties of clay, as it cracks in heat, create the surfaces of the work. The forms reflect the elemental interplay between earth and sun.

Raheela Khan-Fitzgerald‘s accompanying etchings and screenprints complement the slab-built ware, bringing together texture and tone, structure and perspective.

The clay work is based on the processes of slab building, the colourist qualities of clay and how the process of rolling out clays and firing affects the clay body.

The starting point for this exploration of terracotta clays is my experience of the iron rich red soil of my childhood in Kenya. Its changing properties as it squelched, dried and cracked.

It embodies ideas about balance, surprise, energy and refers obliquely to deeply felt elements of memory.

As well as this visceral rumination, my thinking is informed by debates about modernist aesthetics and contemporary issues of identity and appropriation.